Premium Bathtub Refinishing
Premium Bathtub  Refinishing 

Bathtub Refinishing aka Reglazing

An old and diminished bathtub can really bring down the look of your bathroom. Nobody wants to bathe in a ugly and unappealing environment. At the same time, who has the time and money these days to do an often expensive and very time consuming bathroom remodel? Time is precious and money needs to last. What better way to save both than by having your bathtub professionally refinished! 
Sure, you can find a new tub for as low as $150, some places even lower. However, take in to consideration the cost of removal and disposal of your old tub, removing a few rows of the bathtub tile surround to get work access, let's not forget removal of old plumbing and possible fabrication to get new plumbing to fit, the list goes on which ultimately equals a minimum of a week of bathroom downtime and at least $2000 in labor and materials. All for a new tub. Now some of us can afford to do such things and could care less about the time however, for those of us that would prefer an easier and more cost effective alternative, Fresh Look Refinishing is here to help!
Prep usually takes 1.5 - 2 hours and spray time is approximately 1 hour. You can have a like new bathtub in 1 to 2 days. 
Process: First, the entire surface is thoroughly cleaned and acid etched for maximum adhesion. Then all damage is identified and repaired. Once the tub itself has been fully prepped, the bathroom is blown with pressurised air to remove all dust, hair and dirt particles from the surroundings. All surfaces are masked off in effort to build a dust free spray booth. The first coat is a tinted epoxy primer. This is applied via an hvlp (high volume low pressure) spray gun mated to a 3 stage turbine. Once this has dried, 2 - 3 coats of the top coat (acrylic urethane) is then applied using the same spraying setup. 
Cure time for full use is 24 to 36 hours where it becomes a super solid 'porcelain like' enamel . All work is warrantied for 2 years and under normal wear and tear will last an easy 10.  This product does not fade, chip, or peel and keeps it's luster.  

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