Premium Bathtub Refinishing
Premium Bathtub  Refinishing 

Color Samples

Our color options open the door to exciting possibilities for kitchen and bathroom countertops and tiles, places where color is particularly expressive. Add richness, tranquility, and soothing warmth or lighten up dark spaces with our large color selection. These beautiful color options perform in the same way on fiberglass, laminate, acrylics, cultured marble, porcelain ceramic tile surfaces and are available in four finishes: High Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin, and Crosslink (abbreviated CL which has a textured feel with a shine). Contact us for a free estimate and browse these samples in person. 

Popular colors, suggestions and Color of the Month.

Summit Gray  is the Color of the Month*

Summut gray goes well in both light and medium colored surroundings. Showcasing a luxurious white base, the 70% coverage of multistone highlights light gray in order to create a tranquil and soothing effect.

Trending this Spring

With three shades of brown and subtle hints of black, Birch easily contrasts with most wood cabinets and creates a smooth earthy feel. This has been our most popular selection 2 years running. 


Coverage Percentage

Every selection can be modified to create your own custom look. Here you see Astoria Granite with a 90% coverage over a black base. If you go back to the countertop resurfacing section, you'll notice the title picture is Astoria Granite with only 30% coverage which gives it a darker more luxurious look.



Amazing Stone Look

Many of our color choices have an astonishing stone look. Aztec is another very popular countertop choice for those wanting to come as close to stone as possible.


Excellent for Ceramic Tile

Refinishing your bathtub surround with Desert Stone is a safe and easy to contrast selection not only because of its stone look but it's rich shades of gray and touch of black. This medium color will brighten up your bathroom and and elegantly bring out your wall paint.


Subtle and safe

Don't want to be too flashy? Looking to sell your place and want a color that is universal? Ancient Ivory is the selection for you. Flexing a white base with a 50% coverage of cream, Ancient Ivory elegantly brightens up any space.



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