Premium Bathtub Refinishing
Premium Bathtub  Refinishing 

Countertop Resurfacing

The refinishing of your countertops is about a 5-6 hour process. It starts by protecting all other surfaces that are not to be refinished (masking off cabinets, sinks, floor, walls, ect) along with setting up ventilation and equipment. Then all surface damage is identified and repaired followed up by a rigorous sanding and thourough cleaning. Finally, the surface is fully prepped, free of dust and debris. Now the base coat color, which is an epoxy primer, is applied via an hvlp spray gun. Once it has dried, a water based acrilic multi stone is applied to the customers specifications. Once it has dried, it is lightly sanded til it's smooth to the touch and ready for the final process. The top coat/clear coat (which comes in either a gloss or satin finish and is an acrilic urathane) is then applied via an hvlp spray gun. All Protective coverings are removed, equpiment is packed up, the area is cleaned, ready for inspection and often times a shout of amazement. 24-36 hours later your newly refinished countertops are beautiful and ready for full use.

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